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Thread: anyone seen a change on maly10 man ?

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    anyone seen a change on maly10 man ?

    We trundled in to see big bluey last night only for him to not want to play ball on 10man.

    For some reason things had changed all over the place and he was a real pain in the bazooka.

    1) The sparks were coming in much higher than before and melee were unable to hit them.

    2) The vortex was causing considerably more damage then before

    3) Warlocks who had teleported to the floor during the vortex were getting insta-death.

    i guess either we were just really unlucky with the encounter last night or its been tweaked in difficulty a little.
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    Last week we had warlocks and rogues avoiding the vortex. No issue there. But the sparks seem to have changed as you have stated. We had a hunter decrease there health to 25% so the melee would not have any issue with killing them fast when they finally got close to the ground. As far as the vortex damage I did not notice a difference but then again I was tanking not healing.

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