So I managed to get lucky and get into 1 25-man Naxx for my Gloves and Shoulders, and I've so far gotten 1 drop out of 10-man Naxx. Everything else is what I've managed to pick up out of the few Heroics/5-mans/Quests that I've been able to do since the new semester of school started up.

So my main questions are:

1) For 10-Man Naxx Tanking, which pieces of gear should is it worth enchanting at this point?

2) Stick with the Gnomeragan Auto-Blocker (for boss fights) or go back to the old faithful Dabiri's Enigma?

3) Try for Lanvanthor's Talisman and Essence of Gossamer, or keep Gnomer A-B for trash?

Also if you notice anything screwy with my gemming/spec please feel free to let me know

US - Madoran - Nardonius