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Thread: Shields and Helmets

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    Shields and Helmets

    So I've noticed that in a lot of prot warriors are switching between the Helm of Vital Protection and Valorous Dreadnaught Greathelm. I thought Helm of Vital Protection was far better then our tier helm, yet I see a lot of tanks still using it. Can someone explain to me why so I understand the class more? Or maybe one helps out more then the other in certain fights. Also, I'm having a hard time understanding which shield is best or better on different situations. The shields I'm talking about are Wall of Terror, Hero's Surrender, and the Barricade of Eternity. Thanks for the the help and tips.


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    Shield Block Value and hit on the same item is pretty tough to beat. Its basically parry vs sbv and then hit vs expertise. The stam is a wash and the Val has more strength. Slots being red and yellow is also a wash imo.

    I am partial to the val helm overall because it offers a better balance of always useful stats, but I would suggest picking up the Vital Protection for times when you may need high avoid instead of a bit extra shield block value.

    For the shield it all depends on what you are using it for and if you want more avoidance or could use a bit more expertise. The armor is similar for all three. 2 of them have parry, 2 have dodge, one has expertise, and one has sbr. So here you have to decide what suits the fight best and or what you would wear for common everyday easy fight stuff. The wall of terror imo even though it has more armor and strength doesnt hold up well stat wise unless you have to have one of the two with higher defense rating to hold the 540 overall. The best avoidance shield is the Hero's, but you are trading dodge for expertise.

    I feel the best overall day to day use is the Barricade due to the stamina, high defense (which I need to hold some of my other gear), and the expertise which is always useful for a tanking warrior.

    Just my thoughts on the gear but like I said before I have all 3 incase a time may arrise I need different stats and you should consider doing the same.
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    T7 helm for threat.

    Vital for avoidance.

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