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Thread: Unholy Tanking Builds

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    Unholy Tanking Builds

    OK...So I have been a frost tank since I hit 80 and Ive main tanked all of the content in the game so far.
    We have downed Sarth 3D (I tanked the 3 drakes) in 25 man.

    My GM (Who is a 55K buffed health Druid monster tank) decided that in 10 man Sarth 3D That I should switch around my spec, gem for all stam, and tank
    Sarth while he does the drakes due to the fact that I have more saves than he does.

    So last night I tanked 25 man naxx as unholy. I do not understand why they call this the "aoe" build. AS frost I felt as if I had alot more control on multiple mobs. While as Unholy..I was totally at the mercy of my cooldowns.

    Maybe it could be my tanking rotation as I am not used to the unholy tank rotation as I only run non-frost spec when I am in a dps roll.

    I have come up with 2 different unholy specs...
    1 for sarth 3d (which isnt really a spec that I would us for anything other then that encounter)
    And the other for every day tanking...

    Please give me some constructive feedback.

    This is my more damage oriented spec for unholy tanking.
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    As for tanking Sarth 3d 10 man..I was thinkimg something along the lines of this...
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    or this...

    Here is a link to my armory.
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    I have a few different gear sets and this is gemmed for a bit of threat right now. With an expertise potion and the Hit food i am hit capped and at the parry min for expertise.
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