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Thread: Betrayor of Humanity or inevitable defeat?

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    Betrayor of Humanity or inevitable defeat?

    Our rule has been BoH is a melee dps weapon first and foremost. But last night our DK tank was making the argument that its his best in slot tanking and dps weapon. I was under the impression that ID was his best in slot tanking weapon.

    Basically I want to know what other guilds loot rules are on this weapon. Do you let DK tanks roll/bid on this item?

    We use a standard dkp system with main spec priority over off spec.

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    BoH is a fine threat weapon for a DK, but it has very little in terms of "Tanking" stats. Inevitable defeat has more agility than BoH, and BoH has zero strength. Also, if you're not expertise hard capped in your gear, ID helps significantly there which is also very important as a DK.

    In my opinion, your DK is rtarded. Give it to DPS first.

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    I agree with optimoos, he's either an R-tard or just a loot whore. Either way, BoH should go to DPS first, then the DK. If the DK tank doesn't get it before Ulduar, I would bet that a 2hander with agi and strength drops early on, so he shouldn't sweat it.

    The only case that would prove him not retarded is if his gear is already to notch and he could afford to drop the expertise/agi for more dps oriented stats, but he still should consider the expertise verry valuable untill hard-capped.

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    ID is BIS hands down for a DK tank. BoH is hands down BIS for a DPS/pvp DK. So yeah, hes either being a loot whore or a tard.

    Now if only I could get freakin ID to drop for me /sigh
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    I know I'm a relic being an arms warrior and all...but right now BoH is my holy grail. Please don't snatch away something that would almost make me competent dps. =P If the DK has anything less then (and maybe if he has it) a TD, I could understand why he'd want to get his hands on it.

    Our loot system isn't DKP based - rather random rolling NbG system with one need allowance. However, it's usually an all-guild run, and we're to the point where we pretty much agree who gets what. Usually only one or two rolls are ever made per item. I'm pretty sure I have faith in my guild to know that I'd be rolling, as well as another dps warrior, and a 2h dps DK we usually run with....

    ...And I might even pass since I'm a tank first and am more interested in a Last Laugh.

    ID seems to be on every DK's wishlist except those in our guild - because 2-3 seem to drop regularly per run to the point where it has even become an abyss shard. Yes, I even have one too. We joked around about starting the DK-ID charity donation foundation where we just carried one along till it dropped then brought in the next on the list....

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    ID blows BoH out of the water for tanking. The easiest way to compare the weapons for tanking is by looking at only the tanking stats.

    120 Stamina = 1200 health
    78 ER = 9.5 Expertise
    100 Str = 25 Parry Rating
    80 Agility = 160 Armor, x% dodge (x being the random amount of dodge you get from agility that I can't find the numbers for right now)

    121 Stamina = 1210 Health
    66 Agility = 132 Armor, x% dodge (x being the random amount of dodge you get from agility that I can't find the numbers for right now)

    All of these numbers are before any modifier including Frost Presense and BoK. The only stat that BoH beats ID in is Stam but ID still wins EH wise with the increased Armor.

    ID could also be argued to be the best threat weapon due to the Expertise. If my guild didn't have 78 2H wielding DPS maybe I could run some numbers.... till then oh wells.

    I think it's fairly clear what the best Tanking weapon is.

    P.S. L2SpaceBar Hbombs =P

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    I think people are being a little quick to call "loot whore" here.

    To be honest it depends on if threat or survivability are the tanks main weakness. ID is a better weapon is survivability is an issue. BoH is better if you are finding that your best DPS are having to hold back because their burst damage is pulling aggro off the tanks. While aggro was not generally an issue for me our top DPSers were telling me that they could generate more DPS if I could produce more threat. I spent my DKP on Betrayer of Humanity. I have only seen BoH once and have only seen ID once. ID was taken by our top DPS DK (who wants to replace it with Armagedon now, which seams strange to me but not my area of expertise). Personally I spent DKP last night on BoH as it will up my threat more.

    Survivability is not a challenge with current content.

    I seam to remember Ghostcrawler saying that DK tanks should use their weapon slot in order to up their threat generation and that is exactly what I have done. Nobody QQed and my guild were as always very supportive.

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    For a threat weapon BoH is best in slot. Overall tanking ID is better. I would personally give it to a dpser first but he does have a right to it if he is having threat problems.

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    Last Laugh is best in slot dps offhand for DW classes that can use Axes.

    Still it will go first to tanks. Just make this remark to your DK

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    We just had our first ID drop last week. Luckily I picked up BoH over two months ago from KT. I certainly agree that ID is better itemized, but between it never dropping and threat being a primary concern in this simple content, I am quite content with my current tank weapon.

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    Use DKP, with NO prior looting!
    Problem solved, however you are seeing alot of thise problems arround thise days.

    Its the best TPS weapon for DK', but would go for ID if i was the tank.

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    DKP does not solve item priority problems

    We had a DK tank take our first BoH, claiming it was best in slot for DK tanking. Two weeks later, ID drops, which he also claims is best in slot.

    I was angry.
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    Yeah I'd is the best tank 2H weapon HANDS. DOWN.
    That tank is......not so smart. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ophirr View Post
    Yeah I'd is the best tank 2H weapon HANDS. DOWN.
    That tank is......not so smart. Lol
    I disagree. I'm a DK tank (and now DPS with dual spec) and it really all comes down to what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you need more avoidance and expertise then the ID is a better weapon.

    If you need higher threat then the BoH is a better choice.

    Yes, the BoH is one of the best melee weapons in game, but to say that a BoH is "better" in the hands of a DPS class (especially if they're already putting out 4-6k deeps) over a DK Tank that can also use it is as a solid tank weapon with Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle attached is a very one sided mindset. Especially when DK's can only use 2H DPS weapons and there are no official 2H "Tank" weapons as of yet. It really all boils down to which is better suited to what your needs are in the higher end game. Melee, have an open mind, weigh in all the pro's and con's and stop being so damn greedy and selfish. DK Tanks, have some integrity and know what areas you're lacking in before trying to take something that really isn't going to bridge your weakness gap.

    ..my 2 cents.
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    BoH is still mainly a dps wep, as DK strikes scale off wep dmg.
    with ID ur threat wont be that off, plus it has more tanking stats.
    imo ID> BoH for tanking

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    I'd take either one if they ever decided to drop :/

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