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Thread: What happened to Patchwerk?

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    Is this actually confirmed, that position 2,3, and 4 are eligible for HS?

    I could see it being possible, as OT-1 and OT-2 will have more Health then melee, and OT-2 is just there to soak the occasional HS when OT-1 does not get fully healed before the next HS.

    There is a whole thread full of WWS's from Patch, do ANY of them show non-tank melee taking a HS?

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    From that EJ thread (Note the later correction by Praetorian):

    The amount of misinformation surrounding hateful strike is amazing, even after 30+ months of original Naxx release.

    There are only three viable targets for hateful strike, and these are the three people 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on his aggro list within melee range. Hateful strike will hit the highest HP person out of those 3. Additionally, hateful strike will add threat to the target it hits, which helps keep these tanks on that hateful strike list. This is the reason where if your 3 hateful tanks are low hp, he would still hateful one of them and kill them, disregarding the fact that there were melee dps with higher HP.

    Typically, the threat added by getting hit by a HS is more than enough to maintain these tanks on the hateful list, however there were occasions where tanks dropped off the list due melee dps pushing more threat than what HS gave your offtanks, but that was only seen during times where you'd run the old Naxx with level 70 people.

    Sinking your melee into the slime doesn't help anyone, it's just stupid and you should quit doing it.
    Two corrections:

    1) It's only the #2/#3 in 25-man, and #2 in 10-man.
    2) When he HSes it actually adds threat to EVERYONE currently in the top 3 (or 2 for 10-man) on the threat-list. This is 100% transparent now. Just watch Omen or other threat-meter, during the fight. Every time he does an HS, everyone at the top of the list will see their threat jump upwards.
    From the, like, 3rd comment on wowhead:

    There is, very unfortunately, a LOT of misinformation regarding Hateful Strike.

    This ability does not hit a target in melee range with the highest HP - so DO NOT DIP INTO THE SLIME, DO NOT CLICK OFF YOUR BUFFS!

    Instead, Patchwerk does this:
    • Who is fun to play? Oh, these 3 (2 on 10 man) have huge threat, I pick them! (Picks 3 highest threat melee range targets as Hateful Strike candidates)
    • Who has huge HP of these 3 who is fun to play? Oh, this toy! I hurt him hard! (Applies Hateful Strike to candidate who has highest HP)
    • Oh, these 3 toys are fun to play! I want to play with more! (GREATLY boosts threat of the 3 Hateful Strike candidates)
    So, you want your 3 tanks to be on top of threat - which becomes really easy after a few hatefuls because of the free threat boost. A good strategy is to allow your tanks about 3-5 seconds to prime threat (and allowing 3-5 hatefuls to hit) before allowing melee DPS to begin. This will ensure that your tanks have a huge threat lead, and that none of your melee will get instagibbed.
    After reading this, nobody should be confused AT ALL as to Patches' mechanics. Subject is closed.

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    Something I have noticed is that Vigilance has been acting very strangely for me on Patchwerk 25 man. When I place it on a DPS'er sometimes I am never added to the threat table. We have been using the dipping method which I'm starting to see is worthless and we kept with our Supremus paranoia and the melee doesn't engage for about 5 seconds so the tanks are solidly on the table.

    Yet sometimes I'm standing on top of the other OT and the MT and he doesn't touch me at all. It has caused 2 wipes so far so I've stopped placing Vigilance on anyone until about 25 seconds into the fight. Just something weird I've encountered to add into the soup, dunno what or why.

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