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Thread: Expertise>Stam Stack?

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    Expertise>Stam Stack?

    Hey this is my armory The World of Warcraft Armory

    and as you can see ive been taking the guardian twilight opal in my red sockets (+8 expertise +12 stam)

    im not yet soft expertise capped and im also a little worried about my hit for max threat i have 30k unbuffed HP (not a JC)

    should i change out the purple gems for the pure expertise reds?'

    or am i fine the way i am?

    ps. dont pay attention to my spec i went deep prot to help with maly


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    Are you having threat issues?

    Enchanting your gloves with expertise and using Rhinolicious Wyrmsteak should put you over the expertise soft cap. I would definetly try that before re-gemming.

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    You're actually better off keeping 40 stm enchant for bracers and putting in an expertise gem since you're BS and you can do that.

    I sit at ~20 expertise and just eat rhinolicious wyrmsteak and elixir of expertise to put me in the mid 30s.. costs a bit of money replacing food/elixir every death, but money's not much of an issue in lich king.. sooo up to you, if you're not willing to pay for it, then get your expertise to soft-cap from gear/gems

    You have plenty enough HP for everything, if you do sarth+2-3 you might need that much, otherwise you can drop a lot of your stm for expertise. I wouldn't suggest doing anything with hit, my hit is at 135 and i get about .2% miss overall
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