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Thread: Warrior gearing for Shield Block.

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    Warrior gearing for Shield Block.

    Hey there guys. I am trying to build a comprehensive idea in my head of what I should do when building a Shield Block set for my Warrior. I saw Xav's chardev for his SBV (though I can't find it now; if someone can link that, I would appreciate it), but it did not do much to ease my mind in terms of "why."

    What gems should I be going for? +def, +strength?

    What enchants? Is the SBV+ better than +def for your shield?

    What are some good pieces of gear to keep my eyes out for?

    I know there are more questions I should be asking, so if anyone has anything else to add, I'd appreciate it.

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    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Replace Legs with - Legplates of Sovereignty
    Replace weapon with - Last Laugh

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    Wouldn't the Legplates of Sovereignty be worse for SBV than the Legplates of Unescapable Death? (that name might be wrong - it's the one you are wearing in that armory shot).

    Also why gem for parry? I've been told by many places (including this site) that is not worth it to gem for it. Is there a reason I am missing for maybe gemming that way?

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    the only reason to gem for parry is if your dodge is at a point where it is suffering from diminishing returns moreso than your parry, ie gaining 1% dodge as opposed to 1% parry, with diminishing returns your dodge goes down to say .75%, however, i believe defense is still better to stack in gems than parry. And as for myself i still prefer stam however i can get it

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    Yes my current legplates are better for actual stacking of SBV/BV, but you can notice that I'm not relatively close to the exp soft cap, thats why you need to replace with Sovr legplates (much better choice), as for gemming for parry and whatnot, I'm basically just keeping dodge/parry decently even and as high as possible without dropping Block% BV. Stam is meh, 28k unbuffed and you can tank every normal encounter in the game (as long as your mitigation/avoidance is decent)

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