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Thread: bear tank questions

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    bear tank questions

    so this is my first post here and this is my toon

    The World of Warcraft Armory


    so i have been asking questions, and trying to get answers from people on my server...but i fugure ill ask the pros

    1) Dodge, what should my dodge armor and health be at to be able to tank end game comfortably?

    Last night i had no trouble staying up for 25 man patchwork or gluth, and i picked up maxxena after our main tank got blown up during the enrage. I am going to get the badge trinket, so i can get rid of that *pos* trinket i have now, so that should get me past around 35% unbuffed in bear form should i am for 40? and if so is my rage gunna get hurt from that?

    HP wise im at a lil over 30k unbuffed in bear and armor im at about 32k-33k..... so what should i work on in this aspect

    2)Gems, should i always gem for stam as a bear?

    3)Hows my gear look i know some of it needs work but what are your thoughts on it for now? be honest what do i need ....what would help me out the most

    4) whats the parry cap for expertise? i have 36 now good enough or should i go for more?

    thanks guys
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    Just some general things, we don't really need to gem totally for stamina. Once you hit around 32k unbuffed just gem for agility to up your dodge and armor. Armor will some with better gear and agility so just keep trying to get the best stuff you can. The parry cap you'll probably not hit without losing other stats that are more important. It's something like 19%. As long as you are dodged caped you'll do fine. No boss hit's for enough and fast enough to where parry will matter right now.

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