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Thread: I need feedback

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    I need feedback

    As the title states I would love some feedback on my spec and gear. This is my main set of gear, I also have a set for more block as well. If armory hasn't updated yet I have changed a few things, bracers now have +40stam, and my pants have the better leg enchant 55stam 22 agi.

    I am currently farming for the better bracers from H OK and trink outta H AN. 10 runs so far on each and no such luck. Also I am farming rep with the sons of hodir for the shoulder enchant as well. I am preforming decent in naxx 10 and healers are complementing on how easy it is to heal me. I feel that my dodge is pretty high for my gear level, as well as my block. Depending on the raid makeup I am anywhere from 28-31k hp buffed with food and all that jazz.

    My main question is, am I going in the right direction with my spec...I think it is really easy to tank in my current spec, but if there is a better option I might want to try that route. I am normally one of two pallies that raid and he isnt specced into kings(maybe I should request it?)

    Thanks everyone I appreciate the input and I love this site IT ROCKS.

    Oh I guess you all might want my armory link
    World of Warcraft Armory Link

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    Drop tailoring, take up Blacksmithing.

    Get Sons of Hodir enchant on your shoulders. Or Aldor/Scryer exalted enchants, as they are the same as Hodir honoured.
    Get Formula: Enchant Gloves - Armsman - Item - World of Warcraft on your gloves.

    Plenty of health, decent avoidance stats and you're well over the 540 soft-cap for defense!

    I would highly recommend dropping points in the ret tree and getting 5/5 Seals of the Pure in the Holy tree.
    Speccing into Kings is fine, I personally have it as a filler so I can get to the lower tallents. I wouldn't bother getting the other paladin to spec into it.

    Other than that you're right as rain!

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    Plus your guild name kicks ass!

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    I really dont think that armsman is tha good of an enchant. I would rather have the stam bonus. I dont have threat issues and parry isnt that well scaled imo.

    Yeah the guild name is the only reason I haven't joined a larger guild.

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