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Thread: advice wanted

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    advice wanted


    that is my armory, i changed some gems around and redid my chant on my chest for +22 defense but armory hasnt updated and it shows me from last night. but my stats unbuffed are:

    28841 health
    210 hit rating
    21 expertise
    549 defense
    23.16% dodge
    16.21% parry
    20.77% block 1056 block value
    2575 attack power
    7.30% crit chance
    23259 armor

    (added my stats in case armory doesnt update soon, last time i tried getting advice from someone in a guild i used to be in, my armory took 2 weeks to update for some reason.)

    now content that i have done and am currently doing in the guild i am in:

    naxx- 10 man(clear), 25 man(first attempt this week but i have cleared 3 wings of it before.)
    OS-10 and 25 man clear, no drakes up yet.
    Vault- 10 and 25 man clear (duh)
    maly-10 and 25 man no clear yet, got 10 man to almost phase 3 but it was a learning attempt.

    i have a couple 25 man gear and dont need much from 10 mans anymore. what i would like to know is, hopefully when my armory updates you can check my gems and chants, is what area could i change in to be better, i have been working on TPS and DPS with upgrading my gems and chants for more exp and hit rating friendly. 25 man naxx is in progression and drops wil come but any advice on what gems i could use a replace on and to what, same with chants, =) i am not afraid to spend money on my gear, i rather be broke if i can get the best possible performance out of my gear than being rich and only doing average tanking =). thank you all.
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