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Thread: Need Suggestions...

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    Need Suggestions...

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    If any suggestions on spec i would like to keep shield specialization...other than that please post all the constructive criticism or yelling at me you want. I want to learn :P

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    I would suggest the following build, based on the build you already have:

    2 points from Improved Disciplines to Gag Order. Result: higher damage done by your shield slam. Since shield slam is a warrior's highest threat builder, making it increase threat by dealing 10% more damage more than enough to put points here.

    3 points from Puncture to 1 additional point in Incite and 2 points into Improved Revenge. Result: Since you are dodging so much, you should be using your revenge every time it's available (assuming your SS is on cooldown and the target has enough sunders), adding another 20% damage to your revenge will mean additional threat. Not to mention the stun effect is nice for Trash mobs. An additional 5% crit chance for your thunderclap is just silly not to have.

    The point you have in anger management can either stay, or go to an additional point in cruelty. That's entirely up to you.

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