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Thread: Blood AoE Tank -3.1.0

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    Blood AoE Tank -3.1.0


    I would like some input on this build for 3.1.0.

    p.s. Be aware of the UB Tier change.

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    a.s. be aware of the previous threads : http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f14/4...cussion-2.html

    Ok, sorry for the taunt a thread dedicated to builds for 3.1 is a good idea.

    But you should take some information from this post to develop your question(s).
    And for 3.1 the dual spec incoming will change things imo, I think it can be useful to discuss about a build with two templates in mind.
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    I'd recommend everyone hold off on spec discussion until we actually have the new (work-in-progress) tree. There are a lot of changes which are specifically not drawn up yet, not just UB/Gargoyle switches.
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