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Thread: Hand of Protection/Hand of Sacrifice Macro

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    Hand of Protection/Hand of Sacrifice Macro

    I am trying to conceptualize a macro but my macro writing skills are not great.

    Is it possible to write a macro that

    /targets Player
    /cast Hand of Protection unless forbearance is active in which case cast Hand of Salvation

    That macro is only intended to communicate the concept

    I appreciate any and all guidance

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    There is a very limited set of conditions which you're allowed to check for when casting spells. These are listed in their entirety in the Complete Macro Guide sticky on this forum. Since the questions are asked so frequently, though, here are some conditions you are not allowed to check for:
    • Cooldown
    • Mana/rage/energy/health
    • Range
    • Class/race/level
    • Presence of a (de)buff
    • Whether a unit is a player or NPC
    • Whether a unit is some other unit (e.g., whether you are targeting yourself)
    TL : DR - Can't be done.

    Best you could get is a modifier macro.

    /cast [nomod] Hand of Protection; [mod:alt] Hand of Salvation

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