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Thread: Tweaking advice

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    Tweaking advice

    Being bored during maintenance is a bad thing. But with some time to kill I figured I'd try to get some input from folks here on where to go from the gearset I have now.

    Current Armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    (As a note, I replaced deflection band with Sand Worn monday night)

    For the most part, I've been happy with my set up. Although I would like to start optimizing some of my pieces to fit into different suits. My big concern right now is threat. (Wish I had some recent wws parses) For the majority of the current encounters threat isn't as big of an issue, but when it comes to fights like Maly where the dps gets such big buffs (and big heads looking at recount) there have been a few spots where even maintaining 5-6k+ tps just isn't cutting it.

    (Well, that and I really want to see if I can hit 3k dps on Patch )

    So, take a look and pass along any suggestions you might have as far as increasing threat gen or replacement pieces of gear.

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    Personally, I think the Malygos fight is tough on any tank, in terms of Threat generation and keeping up with your DPS. I'm sure you've done it a number of times, but just continued practice on that fight (mouse movement/strafing/using abilities) is the only way to really maximize your threat generation. Which doing this is tough, since you can only run Maly 2 times in one week (Heroic and Normal), so it just might be progressive improvement that your raid will (hopefully) take note of.

    Also, I know you're at the 6.5% mark for Expertise, but you could throw a +8 ex/+12 stm gem in your red slots to continue to reduce the parry chance. I'm not saying this will increase your threat a ton, but it might help.

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