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Thread: where can i get my next upgrades?

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    where can i get my next upgrades?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    where can i get my next upgrades? i already am building rep with SoH, for the shoulder enchant. if my spec is not good, i would like to know that as well.

    also, with my current stats, my server only lets me OT naxx10, which i find rather hard at some bosses, like patchwerk (have not yet been to Naxx, i dont want to OT). is this normal? or is my server just overdemanding?
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    MOst of your ups are either from the badge vendor or 10 man naxx. There are a few ups from heroics.

    You linked your armory profile: The armory has an upgrade function. Just hover over each item, and click the "Find an Upgrade" button that appears to the side. Browse the list, and find what you need. Anything of itemlevel 200 is going to be your best bet for upgrades from 10 man naxx and heroics, and emblems of Heroism.

    10 man KT and Maly drop 213 items, and sarth +2,3; but for the most part, anything of 213-226 you won't find out of 25 man. For now concentrate on getting a full gear set of ilevel 200, epic when you can, blue when you can't.

    You said Server, does that mean you're pugging naxx? If so, then they're likely to be more demanding for the sake of their own confidence. Pound out some heroics for a few epics to make them feel better about your gear, and they'll put you into better tanking assignments. Not just gear, but show your skills, too. If your pugging, pounding out heroics regularly will make you a familiar face, and if you end up finding a group, someone in the group might say "Hey! They tanked for me a few times. They're good people!" When you're in a PUG situation, Heroics are a form of networking, not just for gearing up.

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