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Thread: Pls help with tanking

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    Pls help with tanking


    last couple of days I was working to get 535 def cap for tanking heroics and..... finally I have it, but my friend healer, has quite hard time to keep me alive even in hcs like Nexus, UK etc....

    Then pls can any1 have some suggestion for me? Im quite new in this, its my first time playing warr afterall...


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    P.S. Tommorow I will have Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector
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    d cap

    the d cap is 540 not 535, might be the problem, also you need about 21k hp min to do most heroics

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    Defense cap for heroics is 535, you can do heroics with 18k hp.

    Grab Crusader's square pauldrons from the AH.

    Level your blacksmithing, the extra sockets are awesome.
    If you're not planning on enchanting your blues with anything major, look for stam enchants that you can whack on there. They're normally inexpensive.

    Enchant your gloves with Armsman
    Swap the gems in your belt, aim for stamina. You've over defense cap by far so you can stand to lose some.

    Enchant your boots with stamina.

    If you can, run Heroic Oculus for Band of Torture and Heroic Old Kingdom for Nerubian Shield Ring.

    Run Heroic Azjol Nerub for Essence of gossamer.
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    Ok ill agree with the armsmen however if there haveing that much trouble it means something your not high enough in damage mitigation or your healer just sucks. If your just starting do what everyone does, look at a nearby blacksmith and get some titansteel stuff going or some defensive saronite stuff itll help fo sho.

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    So the saronite stuff is like early tank crack. Easy to get into and hard to get out of. It is loaded with defense, but little else. At 535 you're uncritable in heroics, but you're avoidance isn't where you want it to be. I'd endorse the crusaders square pauldrons as a good AH upgrade and then I'd just start targeting the easy heroics and get your upgrades:
    - H UK for sword
    - Grundak for shoulders (or you can just do the first boss in HoL)
    - Get valor medal of the first war with badges
    - terrace defense boots h dk
    - Gossamer trinket from 2nd AN boss

    You and your healer are both on the brink of heroic geared. Just a couple of pieces of gear start you on the down hill slope and it gets easier. Now is a good time to pair up with a good cc'r and use that extensively to cut down on incoming damage. At the moment, I prefer rogues because the disarm is useful for whirlwinds, but there are many options.

    You might die more right now, but see it as an adventure. You're both learning as long as you're not getting into some big 'whose fault is it' blame game, there's very few wrong answers. One thing to keep in mind, you don't have to finish every instance you start. If the trinket drops off the second boss in h AN and you can't get the third one down after a try or two, move on. That's a lot easier in guild runs than PUG's as all the pugs will expect a full clear, but guildies will generally help you do gear runs.

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    Thanks for all answer, will be working for it and I really appreciate it..

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    You're missing quite a few enchants.

    Obviously, assuming you have the gold/mats to do so, get:

    Something on your shoulders. Even if it;s just a Heavy Borean Armor Kit - Item - World of Warcraft. Farm/Buy Relic of Ulduar - Item - World of Warcraft and get Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle - Item - World of Warcraft.

    Go with Defense or Armor on cloak. Defense preferably at this low-level of gear as then you'd be free to Gem/Enchant elsewhere for Stamina.

    Get something on your bracers - and as you're a Blacksmith, make a Socket! another 16/18/24 Stam on there.

    Same for your Gloves. Add a socket and Armsman is a pretty cheap enchant for what it is.

    Jormungar Leg Armor - Item - World of Warcraft on your legs should give another 500hp or so after Vitality and Kings.

    Get a Titanium Weapon Chain - Item - World of Warcraft for your weapon, cheap and cheerful.

    And as you're a Miner, try and get most of the mats for Titanium Earthguard Ring - Item - World of Warcraft and beg a JC friend or Guildie for some Dragons Eyes.

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