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Thread: Glyphs? Frost DK

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    Glyphs? Frost DK

    I'm a little torn on what glyphs to use, currently I'm using Frost strike/Dark Command/Icebound Fort. as major glyphs and Pestilence/Blood Tap/ Raise Dead for Minor.

    I realize Raise dead is wrong haven't switched it from being unholy. But I was thinking about trying to get the Oblit glyph, not sure which to switch it for.


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    My Deathknight alt (currently mostly a 10 man project since my Priest needs nothing there, though likely to move to 25 man soonish as well at this rate) is also Frost specced, using the following Glyphs:

    -Obliterate: With a decent 2H and the appropriate talents, Obliterate is a rather big source of rune usage, and buffing it considerably is rather nice for your threat generation.
    -Icy Touch: The extra runic power from this allows for more Frost/Rune Strikes, with Rune Strikes eating up a considerable amount of runic power already.
    -Frost Strike: Making it cheaper allows for more use, and as such higher TPS.

    -Pestilence: rather default choice.
    -Horn of Winter: Having a 3 minute duration instead of 2 is a nice quality of life improvement with very few truly useful minor glyphs. (While casting Horn can be nice, runic power and all, I find I rarely have free GCDs when trying to generate max TPS, between my rune rotation and Frost Strikes)

    I personally rarely am so low on Runic Power that I have problems using Icebound Fortitude (thanks to the aforementioned glyphs). Dark Command may have its moments, but so far I have yet to notice not having it.

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    Thanks, I think I'll switch Dark Command for Oblit Glyph, probably keep raise ghoul as I usually have at least one other DK with the 3 min glyph anyway so I'm not usually the one casting it :P

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    I disagree with the above poster. As a frost tank I think straight away Unbreakable armour + IBF glyphs.

    UA glyph is maybe up for dispute, however the talent is getting changed next patch anyway so that doesn't really matter, (it's getting changed to be a straight up damage absorb spell like a shield). Being able to cast IBF on no runic power is important imo.

    I have been using Frost Strike glyph, however recently changed it to runestrike to see if it worked nicely. I may be being biased because i'm seeing alot more crits with it.

    Has anyone worked the maths out for glyphs. I would be interested in finding out the optimum se tup.

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    If you want threat, go for Oblit, Frost strike, and Rune Strike.

    The IBF glyph is nice and I think many of us started with it, but at this point I consider it a crutch, certainly not useful often enough to want to burn a glyph slot, same situation for Dark Command.

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