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Thread: Gear Check for 3 Dragon Sarth Heroic

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    Gear Check for 3 Dragon Sarth Heroic

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    With the current gear I have now, would I be able to play a tanking role in 3dragon sarth heroic?

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    I expect you are talking about MT'ing sarth, so thats what i'll base this reply on.

    Your gear isnt the optimal for tanking sarth( you need about 31.5k hp unbuffed to be 100% sure to survive a breath buffed by 1 add in twilight)

    But your gear seems up to it with some modifications, i'd suggest switching to the cloak from Wyrmrest rep ( its blue, but its better then the one you are wearing, at least for sarth), get a stamina enchant on your gloves ( armor kit) and 2 stamina trinkets. Tanking sarth is all about surviving that breath that knocks off 95% of your hp, so stamina is king.

    And if you got a priest with brains, get him to shield you before every breath, makes tanking him sooo much easier.
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