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Thread: debating 2 endgame specs+gear

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    debating 2 endgame specs+gear

    I'm currently a pretty well-geared 25man unholy tank about 3 drops (weapon/helm/bracer, and I guess sigil for threat) from completing my gear and I'm currently debating between 2 specs:

    Unholy 12/8/51 - Avoidance

    Blood 47/8/16 - HP/armor

    The first is a more conventional unholy DK tank spec(although only have 4 points in magic suppression as a place holder for 3.1; very close to what I run with normally

    The second is a blood spec that grabs 10% STA modifiers and stacks STA (trinkets, gems) as a result. It also makes a few other gear changes (KT neck, Maex cloak, Saph ring) in order to pickup extra armor in order to maximize the effectiveness of that huge HP pool.

    Below are the results unbuffed, in frost presence, for comparison:
                Unholy | Blood
    HP:          28986 | 35652
    Dodge:      28.25% | 24.65%
    Parry:      21.21% | 17.03%
    Armor:       27110 | 28445
    AP:           3100 | 3320
    Hit:           205 | 201
    Expertise:      29 | 30
    or in relative terms:

                Unholy | Blood
    HP:                | +6666
    Dodge:       +3.6% | 
    Parry:      +4.18% |
    Armor:             | +1335
    AP:                | +220
    Hit:            +4 | 
    Expertise:         | +1
    Seems pretty simple: 7.18% avoidance trounces the 6666hp and 1% damage reduction from armor stacking, but I was thinking that the blood spec is "good enough" to MT pretty much anything right now (47.31% avoidance w/o blade barrier) AND it can do things the unholy can't (S3D). The Unholy spec would take much less damage in naxx (55.1% w/o blade barrier).

    Right now either spec would be fine for all the content; but I suppose moving forward into Ulduar the unholy spec should jump far out infront? Am I correct?

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    Wrong forum? Thought this would be more interesting than the usual "am I ready for ____?" questions.

    After a bit more reading in the evil empire forums; I've kinda answered my own question. I view the blood build as a more single target progression build, while the unholy build/gear strat is more for trash clearing and/or OT roles where AoE threat is paramount (s3d whelps).

    Come 3.1 I will probably setup both specs/glyphs as my 2 specs. If anyone has any other thoughts on the matter would be happy to hear them.

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