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Thread: Fury Weapon & Gear Selection

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    Fury Weapon & Gear Selection

    Hello Tankspot

    So i finally decided to sign up after browsing through all the threads i could find, and i figured i would throw out a few questions. I found quite a few threads talking about gear selection and noticed that a few people were told they had too much +hit (which i know i do) ... and i also noticed one thread arguing the use of Runeblade over Demise. I was hoping i could get a bit of input on both of these.

    As far as the weapons go, I have Titansteel for MH, and for OH I have a runeblade or a colossal skullclad cleaver. For a while i was using the runeblade because it seemed like the stats from it gave me a better DPS boost than the extra weapon damage from the cleaver did, but i have had people tell me the damage will make up for the stats. After getting some new gear and testing it out a bit, i cant really decide which one i think is better. Should i stick with the stats on runeblade and wait for a 203dps weapon to drop for me or is it worth it to use a 186 even though the stats dont look as good?

    Hit rating isn't really as debateable. I feel like the reason my damage isn't up to par is because of excess hit rating ( i have 351 in my current gear, with 3851 ap and 33.31 crit in zerker ). The problem i am having is that i'm not really sure what i should look to replace. Any advice on what to replace or what sort of tweaks i can do to my gear would be great.

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    your gear looks pretty good

    change the AP gem in your legs to the +16 strength. with the one you have in right now you are getting +28 ap, but if you used the +16 strength you would get +32 ap even without the socket bonus, its a small change but you need to always gem for straight strength

    other than that, keep running naxx and try and get better weapons. i would run H HoL for the axe from loken also. that would probably be an upgrade for you.

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