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Thread: Switch back to stam stacking?

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    Switch back to stam stacking?

    So I recently got some gear upgrades. I got a headpiece, sword and shield. When I got these, it dropped my block rating to 16%, and my HP to 26.5k HP. Tonight I got terrace defence boots, which brought my block rating up to 18%. I'm at like 25.9k hp now.

    I have been gemming recently for +hit, +expertise. I'm currently at 212 hit and 15 expertise. I was thinking, could I get rid of some of the +hit gems and replace them with +stam gems? I feel like I have barely any stam anymore.

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    It depends on your gear level, the contents you're running, and the performance of your group.

    There's no "magical formula" in which you can input all of your stats and poof! you know what to gem/enchant/aim for.

    You have two roles in a group :
    - Survive without being a black hole for your healer's mana ;
    - Produce a high enough amount of threat so that your DPS are not restrained in any way.

    To achieve those roles, you have 3 big tools :
    - Avoidance
    - Mitigation
    - TPS

    The important thing is not to maximize one or two of them, neglecting the other(s). It's to find the balance that suits your needs. You're 40% ahead of your top DPSer on Omen, but your healers go OOM before the fight is done ? Drop some expertise/hit and get more avoidance. Your healers are so bored they're playing cards while you're tanking, but your DPSers often have to stop their cycle because they're catching up on your threat ? Drop some avoidance and get more expertise/hit. Your often die with your healers saying "Sorry, there was nothing I could do to save you, died before my cast was finished" ; then drop some hit/expertise, or avoidance if you really don't have any other choice, and get some health. And so on.

    You have to "feel" what you need to upgrade ; do some experiments and learn through experience and trial & error

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    Quote Originally Posted by Futeko View Post
    but your healers go OOM before the fight is done
    Exept that, with current bosses in game, that never happen or there is something wrong. I cant see any fight where healer mana is the problem. Current bosses difficulties are either DPS, surviving big hits/abilities, enrage, etc but I didnt found any fight where the problem was healer going oom (most of the time the boss will enrage or kill the raid before it's even close to happen).

    It could change with futur bosses though, but right now, it's an hypothetic problem imo; so going for full stam isnt a bad idea at all imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rak View Post
    control+c control+v amirite?
    Quote Originally Posted by Magnuss View Post
    Hell no, its Xav, he is gonna type that bitch till his fingers fall off.

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    Personally I would try and make sure you sit ~28k HP unbuffed before you start maxing out hit and expertise

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