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Thread: Trouble w/finalizing my stats

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    Trouble w/finalizing my stats

    I've been tinkering w/my tanking set (the best i can do, because my guild isn't a high progression guild is i have a general boss tanking set and a trash set) but i've come to a point where i can't decide on how to proceed. For the added info: I am the MT of my guild for most fights.

    I've recently regemmed and messed around w/my trinkets to where i'm sitting at 28.7k hp, 27.18% dodge, 19.43% parry & 22.29% SB. The health is my main concern (i know my expertise is hella low, my current self buffs is elixir of expertise and rhinolicous wyrmsteak to help w/it and i'm going to remove the 8/12 dodge/sta gems to exp/sta). I LOVE being able to have the 2 on use trinkets for added avoidance but 28.7k hp just seems really low. If i swap some stuff around i can get back to around 31k unbuffed and probably 23% dodge (w/the other stats left untouched). I guess my question is whether 2k'ish worth of health is worth the 4% dodge trade off?

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    Personally I wouldn't gem as much dodge as you have. My guess is that you are not getting as much out of those gems due to diminishing returns as you would for say pure stam (the prismatic gems). I would also gem exp/stam instead of dodge stam for the exact same reasons.

    Especially with the content you are facing right now (looks like 10 man nax gear) you do not need that much avoidance.

    I currently don't even wear my boss tanking set in Nax 10 that often. Only a few fights I'll toss it on for.

    Personally I would be tossing in 24 stam gems on every blue slot, and use the prismatics to gem stam as well while making socet bonuses in the rest of your gear.

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