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Thread: Hello again....questions on my gems

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    Hello again....questions on my gems

    Hello tankspot,


    I need your help again. I feel like I am missing something or that my defense is too low. I went to Obisidian sanctum and everthing went well. If you could tell me think of my armory, I just got started with heriocs so I am working on more epic items. Should I be going for hit/stam gems? or more expertise?

    Thanks again!

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    I suggest first you get yourself a belt buckle(free gem of your choice).

    I checked out your armory and you are fine as far as def goes. You seem to have a nice amount of expertise built up but I did notice your dodge seems to be lacking. Might want to focus more on dodge since DK's are avoidance tanks.

    Here's my armory if you want some referance.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    thanks for the post. From what i read, I thought it was stam > exp > hit > dodge. It will be hard for me to come close to your dodge since you have a great set of epics. I just started tanking herioc so now its playing catch up.

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    What will end up happening is your gear once you build up epics will have most of the hit and expertise that you will need plus either parry or dodge. Once you build up epics, you can settle with expertise gems if you notice alot of misses. Good Luck on your gear build up.

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    It really depends on what you want to improve.

    For threat expertise > hit, until you get to 26 expertise and then it's a close call between expertise and hit (at this point I prefer hit, until you cap it at 296).

    For survivability, stam is the best stat (after being uncrittable) if you are preparing to tank the hard hitting fights in game like Sartharion with drakes. For more avoidance, defense and dodge are the way to go. But since you're a DK and you can't block, I guess dodge is better.

    Threat shouldn't really be an issue in most fights, so I recommend focusing on survivability until you get some more avoidance and stam, and then you can start worrying about expertise and hit.

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    Expertise > Hit is a warrior standby and doesn't necessarily apply to DKs. There are several key attacks that are not affected by expertise, and have higher hit caps as well (Any spell). the only spec that you can really make a clear cut expertise argument for is blood.

    For instance, most of your threat will come from rune strike for any build, rune strike can't be dodged or parried. If you're frost, Frost strike will be second, also can't be dodged or parried. If you're unholy, lots of it comes from your diseases and icy touch can't be dodged or parried.

    Attacks that expertise does jack for:
    Rune Strike, Frost Strike, Howling Blast, Icy Touch, Pestilence, Blood Boil, Death and Decay, Death Coil, Unholy Blight.
    In terms of pure threat numbers, Rune Strike should always be number one.

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    Which defenatly makes sense because I, being a blood DK tank, find myself spamming alot of Obliterate and Heartstrike due to my Deathrune Mastery and Annihilation
    Of course Runestrike at every possible moment, which is usually up all the time.

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