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Thread: Prot warrior looking for suggestions

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    Prot warrior looking for suggestions

    im gearing up my prot warrior, and im pretty close to be where i want to be before starting at raiding. I just got a new trinket (the ruby hare) and im not sure on what gems to use. I figured ill use my last dragon's eye (+41 stam) on one of the slots, but i cant figure what to use on the second.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    thats my armory link. Also i wanted to hear if the gems i've used so far are good choices? Any suggestion is welcome. I'm also close to be exalted with sons of hodir for a better shoulder enchant, just so you know


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    I would have to agree with this from another post:

    Quote Originally Posted by veneretio View Post
    As to my simple guide to gemming... you only need 5 gems, here goes:

    - 24 Stamina
    - 8 Defense / 12 Stamina (for yellow sockets to get bonus)
    - 16 Defense (when you really need to hit 540 fast)
    - 8 Expertise / 12 Stamina (threat)
    - 8 Dodge / 12 Stamina (avoidance)
    For Dragon's Eyes, I am not a JC myself, but I believe the strategy is to put the best stat in the worst color for you class/spec. So for a Prot War you'd want to use +stam, and I would try to use them in red slots as I'd want +stam in blue slots and +def/+stam in yellows.

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