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Thread: Paladin Dodge Deminishing returns

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    Paladin Dodge Deminishing returns

    Okay i'm trying to fix Rawr because the Dodge % for paladins in it is upto 2% off of what it is in game. I think i've found the problem being that it's the deminishing returns for dodge is wrong. But i canf find good numbers anywhere for the dodge deminishing return for paladins. This is the forumla they curently use for dodge DR and I think all i need is the proper DR number.

    .01f / (1 / 88.1290208866f + .00956f / dodge)

    Anyone that can help me please reply.


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    Is satrina's DR # wrong? I think Satrina grabbed her work from someone in EJ so it should be accurate unless EJ was wrong to begin with:


    .00956f sounds right.

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    What number are you using as your base dodge? Base dodge and talented dodge won't be affected by DR.

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