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Thread: Too much gear?

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    Too much gear?

    Hi I've got a problem, I got tons of tanking gear (call me spoiled but if your the only active Prot warr in a raidingguild, you'll understand what my problem is). Anyway this is my current gear http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...aomarush&n=Mai (yes i know i should specc Deep wounds instead of full Shield specialzation, just wanted to see if there was any noticble difference in the talent and wanted to try it out before the class changes^^).
    Anyway back to topic ,the armory link is the gear i use when i usaly Main tanking, but i got tons of other tanking gear on my bank for example Breastplate of Tormented rage. I'm awere of the importance of Expertise and I got some 5-mann Hc gear that got tons of expertise, but it just doesn't feel rigth to throw away Naxx 10/25 gear, with better stats except it got no expertise... I've also realised that some stats are better at some scenarios , for example Stamina at the Malygos fight.

    My guild is farming Naxx 25 and we downed Malygos 25 for the first time this week, but KT and Thaddius don't want to dropp any of the items i'm aiming for but still i want to do the best with the gear I got.

    I've done loads of reading here and I tried loads of different gear combinations, still I can't figure out what to do, it seems like the more I learn about Tanking the harder it gets to choose gear.

    Maybe it's me trying to hard to achive Perfection, because tanking the bosses is not a problem.

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    You have to balance it out.
    However expertise is pretty important for a prot warrior. Less misses, less incoming damage, more TPS and more DPS.

    Not to mention you get avoidance from having expertise, so it's not as if you are just throwing other stats out the window when you swap.

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