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Thread: Min/Max. What can I change for the better?

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    Min/Max. What can I change for the better?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Not sure what to change if anything at all really.

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    I'd change a lot - thats a very mixed set of gear.

    For bosses that scare you i'd
    Change helm for Gothik helm
    Shoulders for the Maexna ones (expertise)
    Shield for Grobbulus shield
    keystone great ring for badge ring
    Legs for the legs from malygos 25
    Trinkets for Badge trinket / Gossamer or something wotlk

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    Might want to consider dropping 2 points out of Shield Spec in the Prot Tree for two points into Cruelty. More Crit = More Threat, plain and simple.

    Also, you're an engineer. Try making at least the Sonic Booster, it'll be a bit better than the Commadation trinket, and it's really easy to make. The dodge ring can be upgraded; it's more of a druid ring than a warrior piece, although I wouldn't prioritize it.

    Finally, try picking up a titanium weapon chain for your one hander; you're hit rating is a bit low and it'll help get you to the soft cap, and mongoose is a bit outdated now.
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