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Thread: Off Spec Fury Set

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    Off Spec Fury Set

    I’m one of the MTs of my guild but I've been building up my fury gear over time so I can dps on off-nights/heroics. I just wanted to get some suggestions on what to do next. All 10 mans are on farm expect Sarth2d/3d and all 25 mans except Malygos and Sarth2d/3d.

    I know I definitely need to get rid of that nasty blue trinket, as I’m just waiting for something to drop from Raids/heroics that my dps doesn’t need. Seeing that I have all of my tanking gear I can get from Emblems of Valor and Heroism, I could spend some on dps items. Should I replace my Hateful gear with emblem gear?

    In terms of enchants, I didn’t want to spend extreme amount of gold on the top enchants since this is my offset.

    In zerker stance, I’m at around 3750AP and 33% crit unbuffed.

    Any suggestions?

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