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Thread: How Am I Doing?

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    How Am I Doing?

    Here's my Armory Link: ( The World of Warcraft Armory )

    I like my spec, because the rotation for AOE is great, and I have Lichborne, Bladed armor, and all the stops I need for various situations.

    Using the appropriate avoidance macro found on this thread: ( http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f120/...ce-macros.html ) I have found that w/ Horn of Winter up and Blade Barrier, I have 58.89% avoidance, and 27.7k hp.

    I know how to blow my cooldowns as needed, I don't have a problem with threat. My guild considers me the best tank they have, mostly due to skill as I'm not the best geared. I've tanked 10-man VoA, OS, and all of the 5-man heroics. I've tanked 25-man VoA and did just fine.

    My question is: What should I be aiming for now? Should I go for more Avoidance? More HP?

    Assuming my guild can up their DPS a good bit, I'll be tanking Naxx-10 this week. I just wanted to know, what's next gear-wise?

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    Well looking at your gear and that you have tanked all the heroics you should have alot more emblem gear than you have...Unless you spent 80 on your T7 chestpiece instead of the belt, trinket (i see the pvp trinket) sigil(the thing procs all the damn time) and just gear drops from heroics. Your spec is good but for someone with REALLY good gear. In my experience unless your geared out in T7.5 frost is the way to go but again i think thats just preference so if your confortable with your spec and you can tank naxx well cool beans dude.

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    is my armory link if your interested

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    Thank you for your comment.

    I'd like to point out that tanking is 90% skill 10% gear. If you have the gear and suck at tanking, you will fail. If you don't have the best gear but are a good tank... you will do well. Obviously the idea is to have the gear and be good, but that can't always happen.

    I recently got some more gear (Gloves, Bracers, Helm, Trinket, Sigil). I couldn't get Seal of Patheon to drop for me after like 30 runs... so I just bought the dodge one. Yes, I did pick up my chest piece from badges. I'm going for the belt from AN currently.

    Since my last post, My guild has run naxx and cleared 3/4 quarters and 2/4 in Construct. (I main tanked most of the fights (some I didn't b/c I had to log and they continued).
    I find my spec to be amazing for AOE tanking, which is MOST of the trash in pretty much anywhere. I do just fine on bosses, providing I don't Spaz up and forget to keep my CDs up. Either way, only boss I've died on due to just taking too much dmg was Maexxna during the Enrage... We got caught in web wrap on enrage b/c DPS didn't listen =). Either way, I coulda blown Lichborne b4-hand, and/or Icebound, but All I had was Bone Armor up.

    Well, I hope some more people can comment and help me better my DK.

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    Moved to armory rating suggestions forum.

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