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Thread: Prefereble Upgrades

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    Prefereble Upgrades

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I looked, I saw some Upgrades like Inexorable Sabatons and stuff.

    Theres the bracers from Maxeena(H) and the Bracers from Razeuvious(H), whats better.

    What other Upgrades you guys got for me
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    Bracers of the Unholy Knight > Bindings of the Hapless Pray

    The Badge ones are just as good if you need want more hit. They're BOE so if you have some gold and can't wait for the Rez ones to drop go buy them. For boots, the ones off Thaddius with 38 exp are the best imo. The Badge ones are good if you feel you need more avoidance, and the BOE ones that drop in 25man Naxx are good if you want more SBV.

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    Quick incite before raid time.

    Doin Arachnid, Plague, and Military if we have time

    According to my Gear, what would be a bigger upgrade
    Inexorable Sabatons or Bracers of the Unholy Knight
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    Ok first things with those boots, they really are quite ordinary, good for a BV set but that's about it. If you are looking for boot upgrades I would look towards the ones off Thaddius (H) Sabatons of Endurance - Item - World of Warcraft, I can see by your achievements that you aren't doing him yet, but bear in mind that those boots are best in slot (IMO anyway) and you can probably get better from Naxx 10 than those BOE ones.

    As for bracers between those two I would choose the bracers of the unholy knight, however I consider Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets - Item - World of Warcraft to be the current best in slot. At 60 Emblems of Valor they aren't cheap but they are very nice, alternatively if you have lots of gold you can buy them off the AH for a pretty penny.

    At the end of the day it depends what kind of a loot system your guild uses, if it doesn't hamper your ability to get upgrades later I'd go for whatever drops. If it does hamper I would look at what is available else where further into Naxx or from 25 man badges.

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    Helm: Helm of Vital Protection (off Gothik)
    Neck: Heritage (multiple bosses)
    Cloak: Cloak of Maexxna
    Bracers: Unholy Knight (off Raz) or BOE bracers (60 emblems)
    Belt: Ablative Chitin (off Maexxna)
    Legs: T7.5 (off Thaddius/Gluth)
    Boots: Plague-Impervious (10-man Naxx), Sabatons of Endurance (Thaddius), BOP boots (40 emblems)
    Rings: Sand-worn (multiple bosses), Gatekeeper (Saph)
    Shield: Hero's Surrender (Patch)
    Weapon: Last Laugh (KT)

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