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Thread: Avoidance vs Stamina

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    Avoidance vs Stamina

    Just looking for opinions on avoidance vs stamina.

    Im a prot pally with currently

    Dodge @ 25.64
    Parry @ 18.62
    Block @ 13.22
    Def = 543
    HP = 28864

    but am looking at sacrificing some dodge in return for some stamina. From what I can calculate it roughly works out @ .5% for every 500hp I will gain from regemming, gear change etc etc. Only looking at around 1%-1.5% loss.

    I have some people telling me more stamina is good and others saying more avoidance is. So I'm asking the good people what they would do in my situation.

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    Going stamina or avoidance is entirely dependent on which fight you are doing. Trying to keep an "all around" kit is what I've been working on mostly, with a block set, and an avoidance set on the side.

    Your stats look normal, albeit slightly low on the block compared to what is achievable. I personal sit around 23-25% dodge, 18-19% parry and 19-23% block depending on what kit I'm wearing. All hovering around 30k hp unbuffed and over crit cap.

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    Personally, I would hit block cap before you start with anything.

    Next, the age old question between avoidance and stamina can be summed up with one word: depends.

    Somewhere in these forums there's already a forum discussion about avoidance and stamina. But in general...

    You want to stack stamina for fights where you can't mitigate/avoid any damage (i.e. Malygos or any dragon fight for that matter) or when bosses hit fast (also coupled with block value to mitigate the incoming damage i.e. patchwerk MT).

    You want to stack avoidance for fights where bosses hit like a truck (i.e. patchwerk OT).

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