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Thread: Obsidian Greathelm

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    Obsidian Greathelm

    So the other night after passing on it previously I took the Obsidian Greathelm from our Sarth+3 kill. Personally I am in love with it from a threat/dps perspective but never see it really mentioned anywhere as a tanking piece, am I missing something?
    "We're going to need a bigger dragon."

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    Uh. Cause it's not a tanking piece? It's one of the best dps pieces out there. I would never take it as a tanking piece.

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    not to say that it couldn't be, but it is itemized for dps Helm of Vital Protection would be the nearest similar tank itemized piece

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    Guess im in a lucky situation, had it drop a few times and we dont run more than 1 or 2 plate dpsers.
    "We're going to need a bigger dragon."

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    this helm has never dropped for our guild..so sad

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