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Thread: Rate my Gear/Spec (and advise what to do next)

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    Rate my Gear/Spec (and advise what to do next)

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I ran some Heroics and got some gear, this week I was OT for my first Naxx10 run, we got Spider/Plague done and beat Instructor razz without any problems. Am I geared enough for us to beat Patchwerk? I am raising Kirin Tor rep for the gauntlets, what should I be looking to spend my badges on? (I spent my first 35 on the shield). How is my spec, I heard they nerfed Deep Wounds, is it still worth getting? I know there are some errors in the points (I need to move 2 pts into gag order). Is conc blow (and Vigilance) worth taking? It doesnt seem like much raid stuff would be stunnable so I used the points elsewhere - I was worried about my survivability so I prioritised dodge/parry/armour increasing talents.

    Any Heroic drops that would be a huge upgrade for me at the moment? Any crafted items I should be looking for (I am working on mats for a titanium earthguard ring). I dont mind spending badges/gold/time getting upgrades, I just dont want to drop 1.5k gold on an item only to have it be replaced easily (or worse 40 badges).

    Thanks for taking your time.

    Oh lastly, I have been reading the forums here for a while and I was wondering is there a sticky guide/article to tanking strats/gear/rotations /specs anyone could link me to so I can digest it.


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    Off the top of my head: the badge neck, combat shotgun, and ancient aligned girdle would help you out a good bit. Earthguard ring, yes. Also keep an eye on the AH for Wapach's Spaulders, as they'll push your expertise a bit. They won't be cheap, of course; just use your judgement as to how much they're worth to you. My take: it'd be worth quite a bit to lose the parry rating on your current shoulders and replace it with expertise shoulders.

    Good luck and have fun.
    Torgo, you're missing the fight! Get your dress on and get in there!

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    Ok I updated my spec (still wondering if deep Wounds is the way to go).

    I also updated a bunch of gear.

    I recently got the shotgun, EG Ring, badge neck, belt from AN, Bracers from Old Kingdom and legs from VH. I also got the essence of Gossamer

    Now I think I need a chest (going to buy with badges if I dont get a drop by then), gloves (Working on Kirin Tor Rep), boots&shoulders (Hoping for a Drop) as my main wants - I could also use a better ring/cloak.

    My def is 546, should I drop some def enchants to pick up more HP on my chest or more Block Value on my shield?

    I Off-tanked thru all of naxx last week before I got the above mentioned upgrades and didnt seem to have problems - I did die during Patchwerks soft enrage and I Main Tanked for sapphiron. We are going back tonight and since my gear has caught up to (and perhaps surpassed) the MT (Pally) we will be splitting MT/OT duties more based upon role than gear, hopefully all goes well.

    Any advice on spec or gear?

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