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Thread: Block: How much is enough?

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    Block: How much is enough?

    I had a question regarding the placement of only two points in Shield Spec., and I guess with Block in general. It seems to be the norm in some Prot builds to do this but I dont understand why. Dont we need as much Block as possible?

    Also, what is a good amount of block? I see Nax rading Tanks from anywhere from 22 up to 33 Block. I can move my gear around and have ~20 DG 19 PRY and 29 Block. Or I can have ~24 DGD & Block and 19 PRY. Ive been trying to figure this out, but most of what I read is crazy math that is beyond me.

    Im sorry for the nub questions, Ive only been raid tanking for about a month and trying to figure this all out. Thanks for any links or advice that you guys could provide.

    P.S. Please try and explain in laymans terms and not some Good Will Hunting "Im a Janitor But Im Wicked Smaat" equation.

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    I guess it's because it's the best place to save those 2 pts, while still getting the 'better half', of the advantage of your shield specialization.
    As for 'a good amount of block', I don't believe there is such a thing per se. Since with heroic gear, t7 or equivalents and up you already get decent contributions to your block rating, it really comes down to personal preference and/or the situation you are tanking in. For example, you blocking ~1200 dmg when tanking Malygos and his abundance of magic damage will account for a lot less than blocking 1200's off Loatheb's melee swings.
    So after you get a decent combined avoidance and health pool you can either choose to further those, or getting some more block to pimp the utility of that board you carry in your left hand ^^

    But high block rating/values help you out a lot on trash and even some bosses.
    Me, I always loved block. With my current block set I have a 38% chance to block and I'm aiming for 50% sooner or later.
    "Yes." - Captain Obvious

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    1 talent point for 1% of block is ok, but not great when compared to alternatives - 2 points spent in Deep Wounds can give you up to 10% damage increase - that's a LOT, to reach such an increase through gear you would have to stack a lot of ap/crit etc. But to increase your block rating through gear by 2%, you can swap one or two items. Of course if survival is a big issue (unlikely in current content), those points may be better spent in block anyway, although value of 2% more block as a mitigation is not too big. It is like having a choice between 1% of dodge and 4% of hit - dodge contributes to survival, the most important aspect of tanking character, but since tps and dps are important too, and the difference between amounts is so significant, almost always it will be better to go for 4% of hit than for 1% of dodge, even if dodge can be considered the more important stat. You choose in theory a less important stat, but quantity makes up for it.

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