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Thread: SBV or SBR ?

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    SBV or SBR ?

    just got the Greaves of Turbulence - Item - World of Warcraft greaves of turbulence last night from loatheb, was using legplates of the Inescapable death. my question is, which should i use for trash and which should i use for boss tanking. and how does the SBR compare to SBV as far as Shield Slams. the greaves only have SBR so was wondering how that will change from the SBV i had from the pervious pants. thx

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    Turbulance is totally superior for any avoidance fight.

    If you can afford it - maybe inescapable death would make nice pants for trash. Put the DPS armor kit on them, gem for hit / expertise

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    SBR doesn't do anything for shield slam, just increases your chance to block, SBV increases the ammount you block, also the ammount your damaging shield and shieldslam does.
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