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Thread: Corpse Explosion Question

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    Corpse Explosion Question

    Read a few things lately talking about how this spell is actually worth it these days. Would it be a solid pick up for a Blood DK tank to help with AE pulls?
    Does it only work on humanoids or would it work on dragonkin (Sarth trash pulls) and others?

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    It works fine on Sarth trash.

    I like it for the comedy factor. First time we killed Sarth+2 I hit it to kill the last of the elementals that were up. It chose to blow up Sarth's corpse leading to a few seconds of people thinking the corpse despawned before we could loot.
    The panic was glorious.

    As far as relying on it for AE pulls it's probably not that great, but it will add something to your threat after there's something to blow up.

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    CE is now rippin' damage, as deep unholy it almost matches DC for damage on a single target, if you're hitting two or more targets, or aoe tanking/dpsing, it's GREAT.

    It will detonate any corpse that isn't elemental or mechanical, and hasn't been detonated already, and it will damage anything and everything. It has boosted my DPS while tanking Naxx by 200-400 depending on how many pulls the healers don't lynch me for doing at once. =D
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