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My main question here is now that i have finally moved into full raiding gear, and my dodge and parry have improved nicely, where should i be working on my points next? I know i should try for some more hit rate and expertise, but i dont want to hurt my dodge/parry for a few extra points here and there. What im looking to get out of this is some ideas on gear to shoot for or a specific avoidance i should achieve while maximizing hit and expertise for TPS.

Other useful info:
I am a prot warrior with 15/5/51 raid spec
540+ defense and stam to spare
i avg 7000 tps Main Tanking 10/25man bosses
i avg 1600 dps Main Tanking 10/25man bosses
i prefer to gear for avoidance and defense to leave gem slots open for stam and tps gems
Essence of Gossamer is not a "necesity", im prolly going to replace it soon as i get a few more valorous pieces with the badge dodge trinket.
i have 50 badge of hero and 40 of valor, i full clear naxx 10 and 25 each week, do 10 and 25 arch each week, and occasionally do OS 10 and 25 if im up for it. Still yet to try Maly >.>

What im looking for:
just some gearing ideas of items i could shoot for to increase or stabilize avoidance while increasing hit rate/expertise. Aswell as what i need to work on the most with what i got or am working on.

Thanks, Hell!