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Thread: Dangers of Buying WoW gold....must read!!

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    Dangers of Buying WoW gold....must read!!

    Hey guys!!
    I have 2 80s a unholy DK and a prot warrior. I was dreadfully looking forward to the grind to 5000 gold again on my DK for epic flight and thought...screw it ill pony up the cash and buy some gold from <snip>...
    Well initially it was working great as i recieved 4100g within a few hours....the rest is another story... I spent 6 days attempting to find out the status of the gold only to get this chat log from a CS rep. Theres expletives in chat because of my frustration...

    Balinda: Hi! foneybullony. Welcome to the LiveChat Service!

    Let me know how I can be of help while I'm pulling up your order details (if you have filled the pre-chat survey).

    I am actually handling many customers at the same time for a prolong period. Response time is slower than usual. Just bear with me here. I will use Canned Responses (CR) to increase chat efficiency. Feel free to ask me to elaborate if you find the CR unfitting.
    Balinda: Hello
    foneybullony: HELLO!
    foneybullony: Listen to me
    Balinda: Yes?
    foneybullony: ive been waiting for 6 DAYS for the remainder of my orer
    foneybullony: order
    foneybullony: i talked to osmeone yesterday and demanded a refund.....
    Balinda: US Vashj H Foneybullony 5045, your order?
    foneybullony: he promised me 6 hours til the delivery
    foneybullony: its been 24 hours
    foneybullony: and I STILL DONT HAVE IT
    Balinda: We thought we could complete the order by then. But it's a bit difficult, as we are still speeding it up.
    foneybullony: i want my gold immediatly or u can refund my card right now
    foneybullony: unaccetpable
    foneybullony: you have had MORE Then enough time
    foneybullony: and all you have done is give me the run around
    foneybullony: 945 gold is not alot
    foneybullony: and u have had my money for 6 days while i get to spend my time talking to you
    foneybullony: deliver it to my ingame now or u can refund my credit card
    Balinda: One moment please, I will check for you.
    Balinda: The farmer has more than 2000G, would you please order more so he can deliver?
    foneybullony: WHAT
    foneybullony: why would i ORDER more?
    foneybullony: u have not delivered WHAT i have ordered!
    foneybullony: are u fucking crazy?
    Balinda: The current demand is only 945. And the farmer says that's too little.
    Balinda: NO.
    foneybullony: I FUCKING ORDERED 5000
    foneybullony: u guys have not filled my order
    Balinda: I know.
    foneybullony: im not PAYING you more money to get my order fill
    Balinda: BUt right now there's only 945G left.
    foneybullony: thats EXTORTION!
    foneybullony: YAH
    foneybullony: because YOU traded my 4100 gold
    Balinda: I offered that suggestion for you to order more, so that the farmer can be willing to deliver.
    foneybullony: i would of rather of gotten 5000 gold
    foneybullony: so ur telling me theres gold that i ordered....i cant have it unless i order more?
    foneybullony: SO because YOU made me accept the 4100g in a trade...i cant recieve the rest of my gold?
    foneybullony: WOW
    Balinda: NOt that case.
    Balinda: Just... Er.
    foneybullony: refund my credit card immediately and i will be contacting authorities in your attempted extortion
    foneybullony: this chat log has been saved
    Balinda: The farmer is willing to deliver MORE.
    foneybullony: I DONT WANT MORE
    Balinda: So I suggested you order a bit more.
    foneybullony: im not GIVING you more money
    foneybullony: when u havent DELIVERED my order
    foneybullony: the authorities will be will be sure of it
    Balinda: OK.
    Balinda: So you want a refund now?
    foneybullony: I would PREFER my gold
    Balinda: But we can't deliver ONLY 945G now. That's why I am sad.
    foneybullony: I dont give a shit if ur saf
    foneybullony: sad
    foneybullony: why have i been waiting for gold im never going to get
    Balinda: We want to deliver.
    Balinda: We wish to complete your order.
    Balinda: But the rest demand is too little.
    foneybullony: then fucking do it
    foneybullony: GIVE ME MY GOLD
    Balinda: THat's not the amount that the farmer wants to cover.
    foneybullony: i dont give a shit about ur farmer
    Balinda: :S
    foneybullony: I have BEEN WAITING 6 days for this....and NOW your telling me you have it but u wont give it to me
    Balinda: For the record, we have never met a single customer that has been waiting for this long. Plus, it is a shame for us to keep our customer waiting. So, I recommend you check it 12 hours later. And if you still cannot receive your gold by then, you may come here again and see what is wrong. Okay?
    foneybullony: NOOOOOOOOO
    foneybullony: I am going to plaster this chat log all over the web and all over the message boards
    Balinda: :S
    foneybullony: people will see what kinda shady business you guys are running
    Balinda: We did not mean that.
    Balinda: If you don't want to wait any more, you can contact us and request a refund on the purchase, because keeping you waiting is the last thing we want, while you have waited quite a while. Sorry!
    foneybullony: YOU HAVE THE GOLD

    Needless to say this is has turned into a disaster and i want everyone to be aware how big of a scam they are running over there. PLEASE DO NOT BUY gold from <snip> save yourself the GREIF!!!
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    I hate to say it but this is what you get if you buy gold. My advice is simpler: don't buy gold at all.
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    Forgive me if I'm not sympathetic.

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    Why would you spend real life money on fake digits? That's just stupid. WoW is just a game, go invest your money, the stock market needs it.

    We don't have sympathy for you here. Buying gold is against the rules and you're an idiot for spending your own money on something like this. I'm willing to say crack is better worth your money than some gold. Hell, buying crack and a gold making guide is more worth your money.

    *Knows this post is going to get me in trouble.*

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    lol maybe you should put in a ticket. I am sure Blizz will be happy to help.

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    You were stupid enough to pay money for fake money, your own fault.
    Not to mention it's against the T&C.

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    I don't mind gold buying but that doesn't mean I recommend it.

    Bad luck, little research and this could've been prevented.

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    Don't buy gold. it is not supported by any of the members here at tankspot, and we are extremely diligent in making sure gold ads don't appear on our advertisements here so as much as i want to be sympathetic towards your situation, "told ya so". Not to mention posting this up publicly warrants your account to be closed by blizzard because the buying and selling of gold is illegal under Blizzards ToS.

    READ THIS: Posting & Chat Rules
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