I am no exception to the above statement.

I just hit 80 a couple days ago and followed Polar's guide to gear up. Once I get the +22 DEF chest enchant, I'll be above 540 and have just a hair under 21k health unbuffed.

With all of this, what am I ready to do? I avoided a lot of instances in WotLK because I knew that instance-chaining wasn't going to be statistically viable for me. Groups tend to be unreliable when you're in them for eight non-raid hours. So what am I able to do now that I've followed this guide? Can I jump right into Naxx 10 or should I go back and do some Heroic content for the practice?

Or, more concisely, what should I be saying 'No' to? Non-heroic content? Non-Naxx content? Having gone nose to the grindstone on getting gear together and studying up, I went and forgot how to judge these kinds of things. But that's what you kind folks are for, right? Any advice would be appreciated.

As a small aside and to give background, I haven't raided since MC. I did a Kara once but it was a farming run that wasn't really a test of skills. So I'm not sure how deep the rabbit hole goes here.

Thanks in advance.