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Thread: I dream of a modified /who command.

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    I dream of a modified /who command.

    To start out I'd like to say that I am not a violent man, but i wonder if anyone else has made this wish while in AV, WSG or AB. I've played for four years and avoided serious PVP, only popping in for some senseless violence from time to time. I know the do's and dont's and while not fantastic I'm usually atleast a little above average.

    Im there enjoying myself, gliding in to lay into some horde caster or hunter that's hanging in the backround ranging and then I make the mistake I always make...... I glance down at BG chat. In a split second I go from a killing machine to having flashbacks of the sixth grade. Not all insults are annoying, some are actually creative, its the old 4 word insults from people that generally lack and real intelligence or imagination. Mostly I get the image of a 12 year old that hasnt left the house since he was 8.

    Has anyone else ever had the thought of "If only /who would give me a name and adress along with the character info."? I'm not sure exactly what I would do if it had it but just the mere possibility of of being able to knock on some of these guys doors does seem to calm and relax me to a certain point. Just so before they type what they want to say they think "alright what would be the possible ramifications of what I'm about to say"

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    Man, that would be pain in the arse, I couldn't leave the house without having a pack of fanboys following me around.
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