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Thread: Tank Diversity Question/Musings

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    Tank Diversity Question/Musings


    I was posting to get the community's feedback on my personal situation with my guild.

    I raid with a small guild who only desires to run 10 man content. We are on our second week of Naxx and are doing quite well.

    My only issue is that we have horrible class comp/diversity. At this point it has not really hurt us all that much other than many wasted drops and/or half the raid needing a particular drop.

    We typically have 3 Pallys, 2 DK, 2 Druids, 2 Hunters , 1 Priest.


    I don't know how we let this happen.

    Long story short however, the content is what it is and we are progressing just fine with this comp.

    I am one of two Pally Tanks. I had started to level an old Shaman to help with our raid composition (74ATM) but after sending out some feelers for a Tank replacement none of the 2 DK or 2 Droods have any interest in tanking.

    So....I also have a 70 warrior who was my BC Main just sitting around collecting dust. At this point I am pretty sure I am locked into tanking for the foreseeable future.

    Does adding some diversity to our Tank Stable justify the efforts of leveling and running heroics with my Warrior to sub him in?

    At the moment the Pally only needs Naxx upgrades so at this point would not be played about half the week.

    What benefits do you see? With the increase in difficulty of upcoming raids do you think that having one class type available could be detrimental?

    I currently MT, but does a Warrior OT offer more DPS on fights that require only one?

    Again I am just looking to explore the merits of making a switch and appreciate any perspectives the community has to offer.

    Thanks for your time,


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    For Offtank/DPS duty, warrior is just about as bad a call as paladin is. If that is your aim, you should look towards a druid or death knight really, as those are more capable of supporting damage when not tanking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khordam View Post
    For Offtank/DPS duty, warrior is just about as bad a call as paladin is. If that is your aim, you should look towards a druid or death knight really, as those are more capable of supporting damage when not tanking.
    To be honest I have no desire to fully level another class from 1.

    I have 4 other 70's but the Warrior is the only other tanking class available to me.

    So in your summation it offers us nothing in regards to better DPS on off-spec.

    Besides additional buffs can you think of anything it does bring to the table?

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    obviously the best bet would get 1 of your dks/druids to take the offtank role and then bring up the shaman for a lil diversity.

    but if that isnt gonna happen, you gain little from going from pally to warr.

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    the problem is that prot warriors depend entirely on being hit to gain enough rage to spam skills, and even then its hard to see them in the middle of the dps table.

    the only way you could contribute with a warrior tank is puting him as a MT

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    Personally, I am a fan of diversity in the various roles. Here is my thought. Right now, you have a 2-paladin tank setup, correct? So on single-tank fights, 1 pally is tanking; the other is likely mana-starved since he is not getting healed. He's either off-healing or dps'ing.

    If you replace a pally with a warrior, you have the same basic situation -- either the warrior tanks and the pally is mana-starved, or the pally tanks and the warrior is rage starved. So, no benefit, right?

    On the other hand, switching one to a warrior WOULD get you:
    - Sunder armor to benefit the rest of your physical dps
    - Commanding shout
    - one less blessing, but you still have 2 pallies in the raid, so that isn't very concerning
    - Some useful interrupts. Druids aren't much good at interrupting. DKs are good at it, but having an additional option never hurts.

    Plus a variety of other situational abilities, like spell reflect, vigilance, and intervene.

    Not sure if it is worth leveling / gearing / etc, but I don't think the answer is "you get nothing at all."

    I guess the other question is, which do you like playing more? If you like warrior-style tanking better than pally-style, then making the switch could make things more fun for you. Right now, I play a druid tank, but I'm leveling a warrior just to see what warrior tanking is like. Unlikely at this stage to change mains, but I have to admit, having so many toys to play with while tank is rather fun.

    My raids also tend to heavily favor certain classes...we RARELY have a shaman of any sort along, for example, and we usually have so many druids that ppl have to remind me to buff on the rare occasions when i'm the only druid along. So far the lack of diversity hasn't hurt us too much, but it does bug me, and I'd like to see things spread out a little more evenly.

    Edit: one other thing -- when/if dual specs comes along, you may be able to switch more easily to a dps-spec for those single-tank fights. So in those cases, you'd either have a prot warrior tanking and a ret or holy pally (assuming the pally tank also takes a second raid spec), or you'd have a pally tank and a dps warrior. I think either of those would be preferable to having 2 pallies, just for the diversity.
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    Taur (80 feral druid), Chanu (70 shaman, waiting for his turn to level), Sareu (new favorite alt, lowbie prot warrior)

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    I would say unless you are really feeling like you are struggling in terms of progression I wouldn't worry about it. Diversity for diversities sake isn't always warranted. My raid group currently consists of:

    - MT Prot Pally *me
    - Ret Pally
    - OT Feral Druid
    - Resto Druid
    - 2 Holy/Disc Priests
    - sPriest
    - 3 Mages (1 arcane/2 frostfire)
    - And a hunter when we got the room.

    So on an ideal night I have at most 5 classes, but usually only 4... I honestly would play what you want to play most and not worry about it at this point. Encourage people to start leveling alts on non raid nights and see how that works.


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    Unless you're stuck on content because of your composition (which I doubt), or unless you're missing some important buff (which I also doubt), I wouldn't bother.

    Are all tanks born equal? Probably not, but it's close enough that all tanks can MT and OT pretty much anything. So I don't think you'll gain any tangible benefit from switching from one tank class to another.

    Long story short - play what you enjoy, and don't worry too much about a diversified raid comp.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    No we are not struggling at all with the set-up we have.

    Looks like the best idea at this point is to work on the DK's and Droods to start building tank sets so at some point I can pass the torch and get the quantity of available tanks in the stable up.

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