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Thread: Hit Rating for Prot Warrior

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    Hit Rating for Prot Warrior

    This may sound like a silly Question from someone who has played a long time, but what is the optimal Hit Rating for a raiding Warrior Tank?

    I did a quick search...and yes I should spend more time looking...but..can anyone help?


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    164ish I believe with 3/3 precision, unless something changed with the latest patch.

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    For yellow damage attacks, 8% (262 hit rating at 80). For 1h+Shield and 2h users, the white damage cap is also 8%.

    From Satrina's excellent guide corner.
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    Be sure to read the guide 'Gearing for Threat: WotLK Guide to Hit and Expertise' as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malignus
    Q: Why is expertise better than hit? When should I stack one over the other?
    A: 33 hit rating translates into a 1% increased chance to hit while 33 expertise rating translates to 4 expertise skill, which is a 1% reduction in the boss' chance to both parry and dodge. This means that up to a skill of 26 (at which point dodges have been eliminated) expertise is effectively giving you a 2% increase in your chance to hit the boss from the avoidance reduction. Past 26 expertise skill, both stats will give you the same increase in TPS/DPS, but expertise will continue to reduce parries, which reduces the chance of a tank gib, making it a superior stat to stack until you reach the "cap" of 57 expertise.
    Just remember that Taunt uses hit rating so don't neglect it completely. You might have problems <100ish but 150+ hit I've not had issues.

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    Guide is oh so very slightly incorrect.


    For more details.

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