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Thread: How much health do you need?

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    How much health do you need?

    In 25 man raids Im starting to see dps getting really close on threat. What is a good comfort level for health for warriors So I can stack more threat stats. Im at a little over 25k health right now and healers say ther not having any problems. I read on one post that a good start is 21k.(Wanted to post in there but could'nt find it agian. lol). Thanks for the help love the site you all are doing a very good job. Siggyone, Antonidas

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    i think having 26-28k unbuff is a comfortable level for a warr tank.
    as a DK i think alittle higher 27-30k unbuff

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    For me threat has always been a prio over health.
    28k unbuffed sounds like a healthy value.

    My personal niche: get +8 expertise & +12 stamina gems.
    I see alot of tanks gemming for full hp, dodge+stam,parry+stam, but you're better off combining TPS and HP.

    As your healers said, it's not hard to keep up modern day tanks. You'll only want alot of HP on malygos HC, and Sarth3D.

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    If you're pugging though, try to stack as much stam as possible because that's all they look at.

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    Indeed, would probably be difficult to find Naxx25 pug with less than 26k hp.
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