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Thread: Getting a little confused...

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    Getting a little confused...

    Hi. I've been tanking since about a month before WOTLK came out and I've been doin HCs for a while now. Managed to get my Def rating to 535 no problem and even up to 553 at one point.
    However as I've started getting more epics I've noticed my Def rating decreasing gradually, which I know will happen as gear has less Def on.
    My question is do I just make sure my Def is at least 540 or should I be trying to get it as high as possible? It's currently sitting at 547 but I see other tanks going around with higher Def with the same gear as they have put Def gems all over the place.
    So should I just concentrate on avoidance as long as I'm capped or keep geming as much Def as I can?

    Thanks and sorry if this has already been asked a thousand times

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    if you're having trouble surviving, you'll want to maximize your stam/armor/avoidance. defense is currently the most balanced and therefore best avoidance stat you can balance. So yes stacking past it is good, but the key is knowing when a piece that drops you 20 def rating but gives you X stat or Y stat is worth the tradeoff.

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