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Thread: Death Knight Threat Math

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    Death Knight Threat Math

    Death Knight Threat Calculations

    For the sake of a better understanding of threat, I wanted to lay out some calculations and the factors of various abilities and talents. Hopefully this will give people a sense of the value of various spells, as well as the relative threat value of different features on those moves.

    For the sake of these examples, I want to set some basic variables, I'll do some sample calculations later that will use sample values for these variables, but until then they will remain variables if you want to plug your own numbers in.
    Wdps = weapon dps (as seen on the tooltip)
    aWS = actual weapon speed
    AP = attack power
    dC = disease count

    *note: actual weapon damage will be a variable, and is a function of AP, I will extract weapon damage from AP for the sake of seeing AP in all of its influences.
    functional weapon damage = [Wdps + (AP/14)] * aWS
    There are some basic modifiers that I will explain up front. I will express my numbers roughly in the scale you are used to seeing, the base 1 dmg = 1 threat. Frost presence applies a threat modifier to many, but not all, threat generated by the DK. This factor is 2.07. There is also threat generated from bonus, non-passive RP gains (note: this does not apply to standard RP generation, the passive value from Butchery, or from the RP gained through Scent of Blood) at a rate of 5 threat per RP gained.

    I will mark in the comparisons below, the application of glyph effects as g, where g = 0 if the glyph is not equipped, and g = 1 if it is. Talent effects will be marked as t(acronym)x where x = # points in the talent and will be used as the multiplier, and acronyms will be provided. Physical effects are subject to reduction by armor, that factor will be expressed as A, where A = (1 - mitigation %). So, let's look at some of the ability breakdowns.

    FU Pairs
    This is a popular set for most builds, with the various options for big hits from 2-rune costs. Here are the formulae breakdowns.
    Tooltip: 100%WD + 292 + 146 per disease = WD+292+(146*dC)
    Full breakdown: 
    D = {[Wdps + (AP/14)]*aWS+292+(146*dC)}*(1.2*g)*[t(t10)x*0.1+1.0] * A
    Bonus threat = 5 * (t(CoG)x *2.5)
    t(t10) = Blood-gorged, Tundra Stalker, or Rage of Rivendare under right conditions
    t(CoG) = Chill of the Grave
    Death Strike
    Tooltip: 60%WD + 178.2 = 0.6*WD+178.2
    Full breakdown:
    D = {0.60*[Wdps + (AP/14)]*aWS+178.2}*(1.02*g)*[t(t10)x*0.1+1.0] * A
    H = D*(0.5*dC+1)
    *both healing and damage threat is multiplied by the Frost presence multiplier, but only half the healing value which actually heals you is counted.
    Scourge Strike
    Tooltip: 60%WD + 190.5 + 95.25 per disease = 0.6*WD+190.5+(95.25*dC)
    Full Breakdown:
    D = {0.6*[Wdps + (AP/14)]*aWS+190.5+(95.25*dC)}*[t(t10)x*0.1+1.0]*[1+(0.01+0.04*t(EPB)x)]
    Bonus threat = 5 * (t(D)x *2.5)
    t(EPB) = Ebon Plague Bringer
    t(D) = Dirge
    Howling Blast
    Tooltip: 259-281 frost damage, double damage with Frost Fever
    AP coeff = 0.1
    Full Breakdown:
    D = (274+0.1*AP)*(2*FF)*[t(t10)x*0.1+1.0]*[1+t(GR)x*0.05]*[1+t(BI)x*0.06]
    Bonus threat = 5 * (t(CoG)x *2.5)
    FF = 0 if Frost Fever not applied, FF = 1 if it is
    t(GR) = Glaciar Rot
    t(BI) = Black Ice
    These are also internal only factors, and do not account for improved crit chances, bonus crit damage, or other class buffs.

    I'll do more later for some sample calculations of threat with particular talents, weapons, and other circumstances.
    The (Old) Book on Death Knight Tanking
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    Tks Sartorri great job. COuld you add the other move, like IT, PS, BS and DnD (with the threat mod); then we could compare the different rotation easily.


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    While I haven't personally tested this, it's probably safe to assume that weapon_damage-based DK instants use normalized attack power.
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