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Thread: Fury: Why bring one?

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    I am a Prot Warr for Naxx and OS.
    and a Fury Warr for Malygos.

    I have yet to pull aggro on Malygos as fury, and yet to have aggro pulled off of me in Naxx but someone specc'd fury.

    Honestly, the problem here seems to be the tank.

    When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, just bring what you got, It shouldn't matter at all if you have a variety of classes to begin with.

    Just to say where I'm coming from: We run with No Feral Druids, Mages or Hunters, relying on Food Buffs for each boss, and Shamans for slowing mobs where needed, due to the mindset of the guildleader, we only have Warrior tanks... and as a guild we've done all 10 man content except for Hard-mode Sarth, but it won't be long.

    If you know a fury warrior who is vastly intelligent compared to another potential dps... i see no reason NOT to bring him.

    Maybe this will change when Ulduar comes out... but till then, try not to over analyze.

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    Yeah, warriors are the only class that doesnt have a threat dump. But it doesnt matter what class you are playing, if you are dpsing you should be the one watching your threat. Its part of your job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purplz View Post
    if you are dpsing you should be the one watching your threat. Its part of your job.

    If your tank has threat output issues, they need to be addressed. That said, "threat issues" should mean the DPS reporting that they are all holding back. A DPS who pulls agro (especially in the first 20 seconds by popping trinkets and CDs) has no one but themselves to blame for their repair bill.

    Tank threat failure: Bosses are killed slower (possibly too slow and they enrage).

    DPS threat failure: The DPS is dead because they pulled agro.

    It is simply part of your job as a DPS to not pull agro. Bitch and moan about the tank's crappy threat in vent, help them gear up, make suggestions, whatever. DPS that pull agro more than once (even off a crappy tank) are crappy players, whether they are melee DPS or ranged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maullus View Post

    I posted this on the official Warrior forums, but I'm reposting it here because I imagine there is a different sample of opinions to draw on. There have certainly been a few interesting posts, but Daemondred's post on the second page echoes some of the doubts I had.

    Here is the link to the original thread:
    World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> Fury: Why bring one?

    Allow me to preface my question by stating that I am being absolutely sincere. I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm just curious.

    That being said, what is appealing about bringing a Fury warrior (really, a DPS warrior) to a raid? I honestly do not see it. Yes, they can yield good DPS, though so can pure DPS classes; the difference is that the pure DPS classes usually have threat dumps to mitigate the danger that damage output generates. I suppose in a 25-man raid it might make a little bit more sense, if only for the sake of having a more diverse raid composition, but even so the non-stacking buffs kind of seem to reduce the overall appeal.

    Again, I'm not slamming Fury/Arms warriors. I just don't see the comparative merit and I genuinely would like to hear some valid arguments to enlighten me.

    This has me boggled. You present the reason they are invited right in your post. Fury warriors do great dps. What other reason do you need to bring a dps class? Instead it seems like you are looking for reasons to NOT bring fury warriors.

    In the past, classes have argued that they ONLY bring dps and no utility. (Rogues, Hunters etc) Warriors have fantastic debuffing / buffing and allow a lot of flexibility in your raid. They also help the tank generate more threat by keeping up demo, help dps by sundering when prot warriors arnt tanking, and have fantastic offtanking abilities when in the correct gear.

    As far as threat goes, i can think of really 1 place (Maly) where threat is ever even close to an issue, and 1 hand of salvation is enough to take care of that if your tank is having problems. Not to mention, having a fury warrior with vig on him during maly increases the dps cap for everyone else.

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