Till recently i've been offtanking mostly - something i've come to value after maintanking all of TBC. So i've mostly loaded up on shieldblock gear, etc.

Recently i've started MT'ing bosses too & we're now looking at Malygos 25 & naxx achievements, etc. And i've started questioning my gear choices.

The more i look at stuff, the more i like DK-oriented tank gear (i mean those with the DK starter gear looks). Lots of avoidance stats + high str. So much so that the sheer str can come close to matching items with shieldblock value on them. Was it really worth it going after all that block gear? For initial heroics & 10-man, blocking was the hot thing but when bosses are hitting you for 10K, blocking seems to lose its value pretty fast.

So now i'm looking at rearranging my gear for my new role. More importantly on which gear to target next. My DKP or badge pools arent good enough to go for everything - i have to choose carefully. I've yet to face threat problems & i can usually put out 4.5-5K TPS consistantly (That was before Last Laugh) with bursts around 6-7K on nongimmick fights.

More specific questions would be:
* Do i go for the maexxna bracers or the 4Horseman bracers? Or buy the badge reward ones? Or continue with the no-def-but-good-exp-hit ones(i took them as dps bracers & started tanking with them for lack of better)?
* Do i gather some T7.5? I have none atm. They seem to be heavy on shieldblock and i have items that have better. I really dont feel left behind on block rating or value so is the setbonii worth going for? (nothing except the helm looks impressive)
* Shadowed Sun cloak worth spending dkp on? (Considering all the other stuff i have to upgrade)
* Accept the loss of aggro stats by going after Sabatons of Endurance?

(i usually eat expertise food & can guarantee a draenei in my party)

My armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory