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Thread: New DK tank looking for advise

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    New DK tank looking for advise

    I'm new to tanking but i've been steadily running heroics and getting badges any way i can. Coming up soon our main tank is going away and we need a tank that can step up and help take over for some of our Naxx10/OS10 runs. A few nights ago i was running H. AN with some of my guildies and after a few wipes i was told that my avoidance wasn't quite as high as it should be. Being a DK i get the shaft since i don't have Shield Block nor additional armor from shields like Warriors and Pallies have. Here is the link to my armory so you can take a look at me and any advise on what gear i can get that will help me would be greatly appreciated. As i know blood tanking is the most common form of DK tanking but i'm enjoying my spec but if you see something that would be easy for me to obtain without much tweeking to my spec that would be appreciated as well.

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    Well, first of all Frost Presence received a buff to more accommodate for lack of shield, your armor should be on par with equivalently geared warriors or paladins.

    Your spec looks ok as a blood tank spec, you've got the Tier1 talents you need to give you a good starting point. I would probably replace allstats on your chest with +defense, your bracers could use +stam, gemming for parry is less beneficial than gemming for dodge. Otherwise, I would say your gear is fine for starting Naxx, and the typical response remains - you need to spend lots of time in heroics collecting badges and getting the upgrades you can out of them.

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    I'll echo what Opt said, I would replace that parry gem with 16 Exp gem tho. Also, toss a socket on your gloves and put a 16 Exp in them too.

    Source of upgrades:
    Bracers from H OK Bracers of the Herald
    BP from Badge Hero's Scourgeborne BP
    Gloves from Badges / H Gundrak Hero's Scourgeborne Gloves or Horn Tipped Gauntlets
    Belt from Badges / H AN Ancient Aligned Girdle or Waistguard of Living Iron
    Axe from H HoL Colossal Skull Clad Cleaver

    I'm pretty unfamiliar with Blood spec, as I've never specc'ed into it, but if you have good prioritization and your TPS is fine, you shouldn't have any problems with those two fights as your geared now.

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