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Thread: DK Tank Looking for some feedback

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    DK Tank Looking for some feedback

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Here is my current setup for tanking.

    As you can see my dodge rating is pretty high and depending on my rune that I use I can get my parry up to just under 24% unbuffed.

    From what my guild healers tell me Im a pretty solid tank from a healing perspective and I dont go down very easy.

    Would you do anything differently as far as gemming?
    Maybe take out the parries and boost my dodge as high as I can get it?

    As you can see from my achievements I've been around the way as far as tanking and my guild is working on 2 drakes up in OS right now.

    Any constructive crit about my current talen tree is also welcome. I have experimented alot and I find that this is a very solid spec as far as damage reduction and also maintaining threat.

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    I was reading an article today about diminishing returns


    This isn't the one but basically even for DK's parry diminishing returns is huge compared to dodge.

    You would probably have a lot more avoidance with dodge over parry if you are trying to max out your avoidance.

    Quoted from the third page from Zephyr

    Dodge vs Parry:
    With talents and base values you should have 10% dodge and 10% parry, atleast for warrior/pala these are not included in diminishing returns.
    So for it to be worth it gemming for parry you will need to have more
    10% parry: you need more then 20% dodge. (base)
    15.6% parry you need more then 31.2% dodge. (uncrittable)
    17.5% parry, you need more then 35% dodge. (normal stats)
    20% parry, you need more then 40% dodge. (high stats)
    Personally though I went for an effective health type build stacking pure stamina whenever possible.

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    Not a big fan of gemming for parry and dodge... you might want to look into blue gem = stam, red gem = exp/stam, yellow gem = depends on what your runeforge is... as far as max/mining tier set gear you will get the most bang for your buck grabbing T7.5 4/5 + Legplates of Soverienty off Maly 25.

    Basically let your dodge and parry come from gear, but if you feel you must gem for it then pick up dodge gems over parry

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    Hm...I actually disagree a bit with Merko on the expertise.

    Maybe I am incorrect..but expertise on a DK does not effect spells. Most of the DK abilities are spell abilities..unlike say a Warrior

    I was under the understanding that in WOTLK there arent any bosses that you need to have high expertise for yet.

    And as for high stamina...I would actually rather hace a high parry or dodge rating and a small bit less stamina as a DK due to the lack of mitigation that we have...
    Again I am not the expert here but what is the use of an extra 1320 health (which is what I would have if I used all blue +24 stam gems instead of what I have) over 3-4% extra dodge?

    I have replaced all of my parry gems with dodge gems after reading the article on diminishing returns.

    I now have a dodge rating of 516 and a 595 parry rating. How are these ratings?

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